With In-Mold-Labelling (IML), a foil in offset printing is provided with the desired motive.

Motivs in brilliant 4-c photo quality can be realized without problem. The printed labels are inserted into the injection mold with a robot, fixed with vacuum in the mold and then injection-molded with plastic.

The foil builds a solid compound with the plastic part; The injection mold leaves the cavity completely decorated, no further processing steps are required.

The IML-foils used are food and dishwasher safe.

Digital Printing / Heat transfer

In digital printing, the printed image is transferred digitally in the 4 color system (cmyk) directly from a computer to a printing press without the need for printing plates.

During heat transfer, the printed image is digitally printed on a carrier foil in the 4 color system (cmyk) and transferred to the article surface with a heated roller.
Heat-Transfer                 Heat-Transfer                 Heat-Transfer

Screen and pad printing
In screen printing the desired printing ink is applied to the desired article by means of a rubber blanket. Screen printing provides great fastness to color and light.

The pad printing is an indirect Intaglio printing in which the ink is transferred from the printing plate (cliche) to the article by means of an elastic tampon. The pad printing process is the most important process and therefore of great importance in the advertising medium sector.
Tampon-Druck         Tampon-Druck         Tampon-Druck