We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and
attach high significance to resource-saving
and energy-friendly production

Our contribution to this:

  • „Made in Germany“ (this means short transfer distances)
  • All the plastic materials we use are 100% recyclable
  • All our articles are exclusively reusable products (when properly used, unlimited shelf life)
  • Expansion of our “ Bio? Logisch!”- line. Sustainable bio (plant)-based materials are used. First and foremost we rely on the use of bio-PE, which is made from the sugar cane plant. Our bio-PE consists of 94% renewable resources and shows an excellent CO2 balance
  • Multiple use of cardboard in production
  • We work with 100% green electricity
  • Use of a heat recovery system. The waste heat from production heats the plant
  • Conversion to energy-efficient compressed air generation / prevention of compressed air leakage by ultrasonic measurement
  • New water cooling system plant with free cooling
  • Complete lighting converted to LED technology (indoor and outdoor)
  • Participation in the initiative of the plastics association „Zero Granule Loss“
  • Operation of an alternative system to improve energy efficiency according to paragraph3 of the SpaEfv
  • Accession to the regional network for energy efficiency „REGINEE“
  • Environmental audit according to ISO 14001 is in progress
  • Ongoing training of our employees to increase energy-conscious behaviour


Our most important sustainability goals

  • ● Continuously expanding our organic line
  • ● Increasing the share of recycled materials we use
  • ● Further development of our energy-saving concept
  • ● Implementing additional measures for conserving resources


Our green line represents sustainable, reusable products „Made in Germany“ from bio-based raw materials (sugar cane) which can be fully recycled

Our blue line represents sustainable, reusable products „Made in Germany“ from fossil raw materials and recyclates which can be fully recycled.